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He’s smart…he’s sexy…he’s funny…he’s Doctor Riley!  

Amazon’s most popular doctor is still making his patients very happy! 

If HOT, SULTRY, and STEAMY EROTICA is your thing, then this trilogy is a MUST-LISTEN

The second three books in this series have been bundled for your enjoyment! 

This trilogy includes the following books:

Doctor Riley's Special Gift

[First Time Sex/Daddy Fantasies]

Amanda was practically raised by Doctor Riley. In fact, she was his daughter’s best friend! As Amanda tries to cope with an unforeseen medical condition, the doctor does his best to comfort her. However, after feeling his warm embrace, Amanda decides that she wants him to comfort her even more! Unable to deny her request, Doctor Riley agrees to give Amanda a special gift. This gift involves deflowering his sweet pseudo-daughter, in his daughter’s bed!

Dr. Riley’s Study Session

[Forced Submission/Study Session/Interracial Erotica]

Akira is a Japanese exchange student in Doctor Riley’s gross anatomy course. Since she missed the lab session where the students dissected the genitalia of a male cadaver, she schedules a one-on-one study session with the doctor to review the material. Instead of using the text book, Doctor Riley decides to use his own genitalia to help Akira learn what she needs to know! He firmly believes that experience is the best teacher. After this private study session with the doctor, Akira will definitely ace her upcoming exam! 

Dr. Riley’s Night Shift

[Forced Submission/Daddy Fantasies]

Lauren is happy that she is going to be discharged from the hospital. However, Doctor Riley is disappointed to see her go. As a "final farewell", he decides to give her a late night visit. When he does, Lauren quickly discovers that the doctor has a different agenda! Unable to resist his advances, Lauren ends up begging him to treat her, so he can stroke all of her aches and pains away. And like the good doctor that he is, Dr. Riley finds it necessary to oblige her request. This night in the hospital is surely one that Lauren will never forget! 

These books contain explicit and graphic sexual content and are centered around the doctor-patient, first-time sex, older man-younger woman, and daddy-daughter erotica themes. They are not suitable for audiences under the age of 18!

Sierra Kline
hr min
17 June
London Pryce