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Do you want to change your negative patterns towards personal growth? Do you want to get back in touch with your roots and your deepest desires? There are lots of free character evaluations to be found online. Which ones are really worth taking and what can they teach you? 

This is dependent on what you're searching for. Some folks simply love to take quizzes and tests of all types. If you are a part of a social website like Facebook, you likely observe all sorts of quizzes being added every day. A number of them are interesting to take and discuss with your buddies, but they're unlikely to be quite enlightening about your potential or personality.  

The enneagram can allow you to discover your own strengths and weaknesses. The enneagram is meant to assist you understand what your goal is by assisting you to understand your personality, your relationships, your own motivations. And that is what you will learn in enneagram test.  

Here's just a tiny fraction of what you will find in this audiobook: 

What is enneagram, the history and how to effectively read it 
Why it is so important to know your enneagram type 
How the enneagram test actually works and how to interpret the result 
Powerful methods to see different core enneagram types in the world today 
A simple strategy to improve self-knowledge, achieve self-awareness, and self-improvement 
The benefit of connecting with new people 
Powerful methods to communicate with any one of the enneagram's nine archetypes 
How to Interpret the centers and the wings of your enneagram type 

Enneagram test is not any strict rule book which dictates your decisions for you. Instead, the test and its results offer your insight into your personality, which better educates you to make your own decisions. So, whether you're someone who enjoys the casual personality test, or you feel as though something like the enneagram test was meant for you on your path to better understanding yourself, this audiobook will help you!

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Chuck Stanley
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22 May
Charlie Creative Lab Ltd.