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You are one-click away from discovering how to master your emotions, overcome negativity, stop negative thinking, stop worrying, and better manage your feelings by leveraging the power of emotional intelligence! 

The concept of emotional intelligence has become widespread in the recent past, especially owing to the scientific studies that proved that it is far more important than intelligence quotient (IQ) in dictating performance and success in life. For a very long time, scientists and ordinary people had been wondering why people with average IQs outperformed those with high IQs 70 percent of the time.

The missing piece of the puzzle as to why people with low IQs would beat those with high IQs in life is emotional intelligence.

The book will teach you:

The basics about human intelligence, including what intelligence is, what it entails, the different types of intelligence, how each of them is important, scientific studies about intelligence, etc.
Basics about emotional intelligence, including what it entails, skills, competences of EQ, and more
How our brains are hard wired, and its relationship with emotional intelligence
The concept of human emotions, including the science behind human emotions, the parts of the brain responsible for emotions, the place of emotional education, the difference between emotions and feelings, animal emotions, etc.
How to tame anger and put it under your control become more emotionally intelligent, stop acting up, and stop letting anger control what you say and do
How to know your emotions inside out and use that understanding to your advantage
How to know other people’s emotions with ease
The connection between emotions, stress, anxiety, and your health
The concept of good and bad emotions so that you know when bad emotions set in and possibly do something about it
How to leverage the power of yoga to control your emotions
Relaxation activities that will undoubtedly help you to calm down your emotions any time
And much more!

Science & Nature
Millie Green
hr min
April 11
Walter Faustini