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The Dodgers’ final game in Brooklyn was played on September 24, 1957. From the author of The Giants of The Polo Grounds, here's a thoughtful, entertaining new account of that last game played by the Brooklyn Dodgers at baseball's fabled Ebbets Field. 

The Final Game At Ebbets Field starts this unique collection of true baseball stories. A treasure trove of new insights and details accompany this newly researched account. The book continues with a lively assemblage of true major league stories from the golden age of baseball, focusing on New York, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Brooklyn, with a touch of San Francisco at the conclusion. We meet the fascinating men and women of the first half of the 20th century. We get to know the people and places of a colorful bygone time: back when there were 16 teams and hundreds of legendary players. Meet, for example, the family that lived at a ballpark in New York, the female Olympic swimmer who became the pitcher and captain of the New York Female Giants. Spend time with championship Boston Red Sox team that featured the greatest everyday outfield ever. Go back to the day when John Dillinger played professional baseball and Al Capone asked a Chicago player for an autograph, a request that was not to be refused. 

Fly a single engine plane with Ruth Law, the skilled aviatrix who dropped a grapefruit from an airplane on the Brooklyn manager. Relive the torments of the A's owner who erected a spiteful wall in Philadelphia to prevent neighborhood fans from seeing his team's games.

All these true stories and more are contained here, told in the wry amusing style of Noel Hynd, a former contributor to Sports Illustrated.

The Final Game at Ebbets Field is an insightful romp through some of American baseball's quirkiest events. It’s a memorable listen! Come join us on a road trip into baseball's most colorful times.

Sports & Outdoors
Philip J Rodrigue
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November 14
Red Cat Tales LLC