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Wouldn’t it be great if we knew whether people meant what they are saying?

So often, it happens that people you are communicating with tell you one thing, but have the exact opposite in their mind. This is why it’s not only words you need to focus on but everything else they do, as well.

However, this isn’t an easy thing to do. People’s habits vary from one person to another, and it can be quite challenging to process all the information simultaneously and still have enough cognitive acumen to know how to react.

But you can always learn that, can’t you?

This book elaborates the significance of reading people, interpreting body language, understanding yourself as well as what the other person is looking for. 

Learning nonverbal cues and body language can be advantageous in both your personal and professional lives, as you are in a position to identify when someone is lying to you, when they are feeling insecure, and what their true intentions are. Through a complete understanding of body orientation, gestures, posture, composure, head and hand movements, and physical proximity, you allow yourself to control the room and be the dominant force.

Apart from individual learning, the book also focuses on how salespersons and people in power positions use the knowledge to gain leverage over the other party.

Here is what you will learn from the audiobook:

Developing a thorough understanding of body language, including orientation, posture, and body parts movements
Learning about the importance of body language in reading people and leveraging the awareness to steer negotiation
Developing an understanding of your own self and what the other party wants through body language
Identifying lies, insecurities, and true intentions of other people through nonverbal gestures
Learning how to make a great impression through a set of specified rules
Using the knowledge about body language to foster better personal and professional relationships, hone negotiation and seduction skills, and make a sale


Is body language really that important? What could I possibly lose by not learning about it?

A study conducted by Dr. Albert Mehabrian reveals that the total impact of communication is based seven percent on words, 38 percent on tone of voice, vocal speed, and pitch; 55 percent on facial expressions, gestures, postures, and other types of body language.

Would I be able to tell if someone is lying?

Maybe not all the time, but you will be more likely to identify when someone is being truthful and when they’re not.

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Curtis Wright
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April 1
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