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Getting knocked up mid mission isn’t the absolute worst way to torpedo your special forces career, I guess. But getting knocked up by my best friend - a freaking mafia prince - makes for a special kind of FUBAR that military jargon just isn’t equipped to handle.

Life is about prioritizing what matters most and standing by those choices. I’ve never regretted mine. Parents said pick between being gay or being part of this family, I said see you later. My superiors said you can have a husband and kids or you can be the most badass omega special ops leader this army’s ever seen, I said sign me up.

The universe threw the beautiful and alluring ballet dancer Nikolai into my path and I picked friendship instead of the chance he might be the love of my life. I thought I was okay with that. That it wasn’t settling.

But now he’s missing and I’m pregnant after a night of too much drinking and too few inhibitions and all I know is I can’t do this without him. Not because I’m incapable. But because I’ve given up on too much without a fight. I won’t make the same mistake again.


Some say the family you choose matters more than the family you’re born with.

Growing up in Russia, I drew comfort from that. I didn’t have to be defined by people I had nothing in common with: the criminal enterprises, the abhorrent views on gay men and omegas in particular…so many things I was happy to leave behind when I left for a career dancing in New York.

But now they want me back, as a puppet in schemes that have nothing to do with me or what I want. My only hope lies with my best friend Cody. It’s not his capabilities I doubt. He’s so much more than he realizes.

No, it's that I don’t know he’ll even want to help me, once he realizes how much I’ve lied to him. 

How many secrets I’ve kept. 

But its all out in the open now. It’s time to face my past once and for all. Only then can I face my future.

This 50,000 word standalone novel about mafia men and mpreg will keep you on edge from start to its Happily Ever After. Sparks fly beneath the sheets while bullets fly in the streets, so be 18 and older when listening!

Steve Millikin
hr min
September 20
Equal Love Publishing, LLC

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