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Marcus Aurelius Stoicism (Book 1)

Marcus Aurelius was a Roman emperor from 161 to 180. Known as the most famous supporter of ancient philosophy called Stoicism. The emperor Marcus Aurelius was famous for his extraordinary calm that he had even in the most difficult situations. It is assumed that the emperor was able to maintain an extraordinary calm and composure even in the tensest and difficult moment's thanks to training in Stoicism.

In this audiobook, you can understand the philosophy and stoicism of Marcus Aurelius. Thanks to this you will understand how to learn to manage your emotions, get confidence, and wisdom in everyday life like the great Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius.

You'll find out:

what is Stoicism
the philosophy of stoicism
the Stoic empire
7 Lessons on Life and Happiness from Stoic (Marcus Aurelius)
and much more.

Begin your great adventure of wisdom accompanied by the illuminating teachings of Marcus Aurelius one of the greatest Stoic philosophers of all time, to improve by far the chaotic life that overwhelms you and face it with determination, lucidity, calm, and prosperity.

Stoic Philosophy of Marcus Aurelius (Book 2)

Marcus Aurelius was a Roman emperor, reigned over the Roman Empire for almost two decades - from 161 CE until 180 CE. This book is a guide for those facing adversity, seeking tranquillity, calm and composure. 

Thanks to this audiobook you will understand the philosophy and stoicism of Marcus Aurelius the final famous Stoic philosopher of the ancient world. It provides teachings to the Stoic wisdom followed by countless individuals throughout the centuries as a path to achieving greater fulfilment, calm, and emotional strength.

During the two decades of his empire, Marcus Aurelius he took the time to look back at his own life and he created his personal journal, The Meditations, one of the books of self-help and spiritual classics most loved of all time.

Are you ready to immerse yourself in this wonderful guide based on the thought and teachings of the great emperor Marcus Aurelius?  Will help you to face adversity, to maintain control and calm, and to manage your emotions in the right way in everyday life.

Adam Hebert
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December 11
Jasper Bowen

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