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Are you a victim of this type of abuse? Have you lost self-esteem and confidence after an emotional or psychological trauma? Then keep reading...

One of the most difficult things for someone to do in his/her lifetime is leaving with a psychopath, someone with a borderline personality disorder, or a pathological narcissist. These malignant narcissists try to cause as much ruin as possible to their victim before leaving, they are corrosive, destructive, manipulative, and abusive. Some of the will refuse to leave if they are not convinced that they have to cause enough harm.

So how do you make them leave? The key to getting rid of them is in finding out why they were initially got fixed to the person.

You initially need to understand that though the trauma which made the narcissist what he is might be a complex one he is not complex. Their personalities are childlike and simple just as their desires, envy, and boredom drive them to carry out most of their actions.

If we try to view their personalities and actions as that of two years or child who forcefully taking another kids toy because he wants to make the other kid cry, you will discover the workability of the metaphor.

This can also be related to a malignant narcissist, their means of controlling people is through emotional provocation, and once the response to their provocation is breached they lose control. It is important that you remember that breaching your response to their provocation takes away their control.   

How can this be done? The answer is embedded in two words.

This sounds and is simple, this is because all they (pathological narcissist, borderline personality disordered persons, and psychopaths) care about is emotional trauma, upheaval, excitement, and drama. Since the abuse is because they are envious and bored, then you should avoid making them envious and avoid responding to their abuse.  

This guide will focus on the following:

Types of narcissistic abuses
Who does narcissist target?
Characteristics of narcissistic personality disorder?
Marriage and the narcissist
Overcome narcissistic abuse
How to survive from a narcissist relationship
Stages of recovery
Working with therapists
Recovering after narcissistic abuse
You can find healing by writing your life story
Increase your awareness
And more!

Even if you think you cannot get out of these situations, the techniques you will learn in this audiobook will guide you step-by+step to heal and improve your emotional and psychological condition.

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Jessica Mathison
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February 28
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