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New and old perspectives on metaphysics, life, and our entire existence.

Book 1: Thomas Aquinas 

The Italian philosopher, Thomas Aquinas, has had a major impact on Christian theology, the uprise of Scholasticism, and the Roman Catholic Church. His renowned Summa Theologica emphasize the five pieces of evidence that God exists. 

Book 2: David Hume 

David Hume was a Scottish philosopher and historian. He was also known for his essays and economic analyses. He supported empiricism, skepticism, and naturalism in his own way, which sheds light on life and reasoning in a distinct manner he propagated in various, ethical ways. 

Book 3: Erasmus 

He stood for humanism, children’s rights, and theological ideologies that he wasn’t afraid to spread across the Dutch nation, which was going through some dramatic transformations at that time. His political and theological ideas should not be ignored, and as a Christian philosopher, he has had a huge impact on the distant culture of the Netherlands, Protestantism, and more. 

Book 4: John Locke 

Although considered a pure politician and idealist by some, John Locke’s philosophical views on life have inspired many to take a step back and reassess the nature of governments, property, and human rights. He was an advocate of freedom and liberty. His influence cannot be underestimated when looking at the philosophical debates that have been held since his time, let alone during his lifetime. 

Book 5: Immanuel Kant 

Immanuel Kant was born in the 18th Century, in Prussia. He set the stage for German philosophy in the following century. According to Kant, philosophy is the result of human reasoning. He reasoned about metaphysics, intelligible objects, and ethics. 

Book 6: Plato 

He founded one of the first organized academies in western civilization. His standings on life and perceptions have been quoted and referred to worldwide for centuries. He wrote about metaphysics, epistemology, and education. 

Book 7: Rene Descartes 

Hear more about the genius who laid the foundation of 17th-century rationalism. His rhetoric included statements about God, the universe, and our perceptions of reality. 

Book 8: Friedrich Nietzsche 

Friedrich Nietzsche’s influence on the world of philosophy has undoubtedly been impressive. So what are we to think of this German thinker? Is his look on life and the universe truly negative? Or was he just misunderstood? 

Book 9: Karl Marx 

Communism has been frowned on and praised equally among nations. Some communist nations have collapsed, other ones are still intact in one way or another. Find out what went through the mind of the man who invented this system as a response to the increasing gap between the rich and the poor.

Eric LaCord, William Bennett, Alasdair Cunningham, Jason Neeser
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January 19
Ferdinand Jives