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This audiobook tells a story of one man's battle with Prostate Cancer. It is a story about physical as well as emotional struggles and the woman who stood by his side all the way through.

Suffice it to say it could well be a disease with a love story, or a love story with a disease. Listen about prostate cancer symptoms and what to expect from diagnosis to treatment from someone who have been there and back. The prostate cancer treatment Lloyd Martin opted for was the Da Vinci Method of surgery. See why he thinks this is the best.

He also touched on prostate cancer causes and what are appropriate for better prostate health and an optimum performance of the prostate gland. There are many prostate cancer treatment centers in America, however he chose Hahnemann University Hospital and Dr. Jamison Jaffe, of Philadelphia for the insurance of surviving prostate cancer. This audiobook will certainly emphasize why.

It is no doubt that he has come a long way. From what was thought earlier to be prostatitis to prostate cancer, was the perilous journey he had embarked on. There was no compass, no guide. His prognosis was good as a result of certain factors, which is all laid out for your information and edification in this personal testimony.

These personal challenges and how he dealt with them, enabled him to emerge on the positive side of the prostate cancer statistics. He did not die as you can see, but he survived. Today Lloyd Martin is proud to be on the side of prostate cancer survival. It must be a good feeling as he knows of others, some his friends, who have not made it. Lloyd Martin hopes his story, unselfish as it is and told in a no holds barred manner will prevent you from going where he went in the first place, but if you have to walk this journey he hopes his story can be a lamp to your foot and a light to your roadway.

He tackled this story with fervor and ferocity so the details are graphic of the physical experience and the emotional parts are very deep. Because no holds have been barred here, the queasy stomach should beware. As he said in the audiobook, he might even scare you, but it is a scaring for your own protection. So even if you jump from fright the information will enable you to land on your feet.

There are significant lessons to be learned. Lloyd Martin is from the group of men in the world who have the highest incidence of the disease (Jamaican men). Indeed the country that produces Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world, and Bob Marley, the greatest Reggae musician. For those reasons as well as others he believes he is qualified to tell the story.

I survived the physical and emotional blackholes that bedecked my path with this disease, and hope my story will be helpful to many others.

Don Baarns
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December 10
Lloyd Martin