Royal Comeback: My Journey from Childhood Insecurity to Eternal Identity

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Publisher Description

In her authentic, fearless, and relatable memoir, Chantell Davis invites readers into her world, recounting the traumatic and terrifying as well as the remarkable and supernatural events that shaped her life on her journey from childhood insecurity to eternal identity. 

"Real is rare - and this is what I read. This is what makes Royal Comeback so anointed. A life story that speaks about authenticity! It is a story of hope and love. No matter your past, Jesus stands with arms wide open to take us into our true identity. This Comeback is waiting for all of us. Chantell's story brings Kingdom down to earth for everyone that opens their heart." – Retah McPherson, New York Times Bestselling Author of A Message from God and International Speaker

"Interwoven through Chantell's transparent and riveting story of her Royal Comeback are the tools for your very own comeback. By the end, you haven't just been inspired by her journey; you've been equipped for yours. This remarkable story of brokenness to overcomer is told in such a way that will leave you knowing that, no matter what life has dished out, you too can overcome." – Rhonda Spencer - Author, International Speaker, and Pastor of His Tabernacle Family Church 

"Chantell Davis is a true Christian. Kind in her dealings with everyone. What she has to impart from her life is very much worth receiving." - Jonathan Shuttlesworth – Evangelist and Founder of Revival Today

No one can read this book without experiencing a profound transformation. Witty yet wise, reminiscing yet revelatory, Royal Comeback is a revolutionary tool that reintroduces God's "ancient principles" that has the ability not only to transform the lives of individuals, but families, communities, and entire nations.

Religion & Spirituality
Chantell Davis
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1 February
Faith Revolution Publishers