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Have you reached that point in your job where you’re thinking "enough is enough"?

In this book, Christian Rodwell, the founder of Escape the Rat Race, shows that there is a proven process anyone who is currently employed but looking to start their own business can follow. The choices for someone wishing to exit a corporate nine to five job and start a new business are numerous, and this can easily lead to overwhelm, confusion, and over-analyzing the options for so long that you end up taking no action at all.

Finding enough time to fit your new business around your full time job and family commitments will also be a challenge, which is why I've dedicated an entire chapter to show you ways to overcome this.

Not everyone who wishes to quit the rat race and start a business knows exactly what business would be best suited to them initially. This book will help you to get to know yourself better, identify your motives for wanting to sack your boss, and answer the question, "What would I would love to do each day if money were no object?"

Christian Rodwell has been through all of these challenges himself and has worked with over 1000 other "escapees" who are on the same journey. Christian illustrates within this book his process for helping such individuals map out their very own "nine-to-five escape plan", called the five step freedom formula™.

I’ll guide you through the steps you need to take before you identify what your winning strategy is for starting a business you love. At the end of this audiobook, you’ll have all of the answers ready to complete your very own 90-day escape plan, a specific and personalized personal development plan which I have put together for you. You can access it at: fivestepfreedomformula.com.

Does this reflect how you feel right now about your current work/life balance? 

You feel trapped in a cycle of getting up to go to work each day, trading your time for money 
You lack fulfillment doing work you’re not passionate about in order to make other people more successful
You’re frustrated because you know that you are capable of achieving greatness, but feel as if your current situation is holding you back
You’ve been struggling to get ahead financially and break free of bad debt
You’re fed up with standing on busy platforms wrestling for space with the rest of the herd every morning
You’re fed up with the internal company politics which you have to endure every day
You feel limited by your earning potential and question if you’re ever going to be in a position where you feel truly wealthy
You never have any spare time to yourself to do the things you really want to or spend enough time with the people that mean the most to you
You’re fed up with having to ask permission from somebody else to allow you time off to do what’s important to you
You want to explore the world and be able to generate an income without being tied to any one specific location
You know that there is a better quality of life waiting for you

Did you answer "yes" to any of the above? If escaping the rat race is something you want to do, then take heart. This is something I have done for myself, and I work with people, every week, who are in the process of doing the same.

Based around a proven five-step formula, the author guides listeners through every step of gaining true clarity on their life goals, focusing their attention on achieving them, and making that bold transition from frustrated employee to unstoppable entrepreneur. They’ll face everything from their deepest fears and hesitations to a true and frank appraisal of their finances - all intended to cut out fluff so they can crack on with productively taking action on building that business they’ve always dreamed of. The 90-day “escape plan” I share is unlike anything they’ve seen before, but I can almost guarantee it will change their life.

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Lex McKee
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15 November
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