Sex Positions Guide: Tips and Techniques for Beginners to Explore Your Fantasies and Sexuality. Improve Your Sexual Life with Top Sex Positions and Spectacular ... Experiences for Couples, Women, and Men (Unabridged‪)‬

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Looking for tips to spice up your sex life? Do you want to improve your relationship with your partner? Then keep reading....

When it comes to the subject of sexual positions, the first thing that comes to mind is penetrative. Experimenting a little can, however, make a massive difference in your sex life. Be it adding dildos, lubricants, or even a bowl of fresh grapes and molten chocolate can make the whole difference.

When you change your mindset and address this topic of sexual positions form a different point of view, you can be able to achieve sensations that are way above their normal levels. A good example would be to make sure that you have set the lady's clitoris in such a manner that it cannot be missed; or if you have a lady who is more of the sensitive kind, an indirect stimulation will perform the magic.

There are many books out there that claim to guide you on how you can improve your sex lives the most; however, that they are only able to offer is a whole lot of portrayals and images; similar to a comic book. Other books and also pornographic films and other such materials tend to lean more on the areas where people lack. They tend taking advantage of and consequently eroding people's self-worth and also sexual worth. These books mainly focus on the power of communication and taking advantage of our brainpower and emotions to achieve sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

The aspect of this book that makes it different from the rest is that it has approached the sex position guide from an angle different from the rest. In this book, you will learn:

The importance of intimacy in a relationship to make sure that you are both experience amazing sexual pleasures whether or not you engage in penetrative sex.
Increase romance in your relationship. This will promote love between you and your partner, and it will go a long way in enhancing the passion you experience as a couple.
How you achieve terrific orgasms with your partner and also by yourself. You will learn how to use the power of imagination to your advantage to achieve quality orgasms.
How to achieve the proper sexual health and the importance of sex in anyone's life. Here, you will get to understand the importance of respecting your sexual partner and also treat them as equal partners.
And much, much more!

Even if you are a beginner, you will find several techniques to apply immediately and in a short time, you will master the art of sex.

If you are an expert, you will find suggestions that will make your sex life even more fulfilling.

This book will not only improve your sex life, but it will bring you nearer to your partner and enhance every aspect of your relationship!

Don't wait. Scroll up, click the "Buy" button, and improve your sex life now!

Shaniese Reyes
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15 January
Thomas Bertoletti