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There are different trading styles and strategies used by traders around the world. These are often used based on preference. There are traders who thrive on particular strategies compared to others. This is actually recommended because, for optimum profitability and performance at the market, a trader should use trading styles and strategies that they are most comfortable with.

There are plenty of strategies that can be used. They include intraday trades or day trading, long-term trades, scrapping, and swing trading, among others. Of these, the most popular strategy has to be swing trading. 

Swing trading is a short-term trading style that involves you taking a position in the financial markets and staying with it for a number of days, perhaps weeks. So, you could watch American Express stock today and decide that you are going to buy it, then after you place your trade, you let it stay for a day or two, perhaps even more, depending on how fast the market action is and the time frame you are watching. 

Swing trading is different from other types of trading such as position trading, day trading, high frequency trading, or scalping, mainly because of the period of time that a trade is held. On one hand, some trading styles such as position trading allow you to take a position and then hold it for a longer period of time such as a couple of months or even years. On the other hand, a style such as scalping can involve holding a position for a few minutes, perhaps, even seconds. Therefore, a good way to think about swing trading is a style that strikes a balance between both sides, offering more flexibility. 

Swing trading is favorable for beginner traders for several reasons. Beginners are advised to start with swing trading when they join the markets because it does not need skills. Unlike other types of trading where you stand to lose a lot by trading without proper skills, swing trading is relatively easy. Swing traders only need to have the capital, and they are ready to go. 

Some people shy away from a swing trader because of the risks involved. If you do not have tolerance when you lose, you will not succeed at anything in life. Fearlessness enables people to accomplish their dreams as timid people watch. If you have been dreaming of entering the trade market, use swing trading and you will not be disappointed. It saves you money you could have used to learn how to trade. Swing trading is favorable for beginners because it is not time-consuming, like other types of trade.

Once you hold a position, you can focus on other things. On the contrary, other types of trade require you to monitor the stock regularly. As a beginner, you will have a lot of time in your hands if you choose swing trading. Who would not want extra time to do other things in life? We all wish we could have more time to sleep, spend time with families, or focus on personal growth.  Swing trading gives you just that by eliminating the hassle of trading.

In this audiobook, you will learn more about swing trading through chapters like:

Basics of Swing Trading
How Swing Trading Works?
Platforms and Tools for Trading
Financial Instruments for Swing Trading
Candlestick Chart Patterns and Technical Indicators
Swing Trading Rules
Fundamental and Technical Analysis
Money Management
Swing Trading Strategies
And much more!

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Jason Belvill
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February 19