The History of Ukraine and Russia: The Tangled History That Led to Crisis

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The 2022 War in Ukraine has been Breaking News since it began. Have you been feeling bewildered about how a civilized world can explode into conflict? Have you been worried about how worried you should be? Are you fascinated with the interplay of truth and lies? Are you a student of military tactics?

If so, the answer is not more information but deeper information: untangling the history that led to this crisis.

Imagine being able to evaluate the information about Ukraine with real expertise. Imagine being able to distinguish between real issues and propaganda issues. Imagine being in control of your social media rather than being controlled by rumors and speculation!

Journalist and author, Marc Miles Vaughn, gives you an insight into history unlike any history professor’s. Having studied Ukraine from its earliest roots as a Viking Pirate Kingdom to its latest “TikTok” war, he takes you, step by step, through twelve centuries of destruction and mayhem, and shows you what the official statues of Ukraine are hiding: the inextinguishable Ukrainian heart.

His readable, compelling style draws you on as if you are following a Netflix series. As the “Game of Ukrainian Thrones” unfolds, he introduces you to the folktale of the Iron Wolf and takes you to handle the bones in the mass-graves of the Holodomor, where Stalin starved four million peasants to death.

He then goes on to deliver a disturbing analysis of the invasion of Ukraine. Vladimir Putin wants history to re-repeat itself. Ukrainian Comic-turned-President (and war hero) Volodymyr Zelensky is staring him down in a high-stakes, high-tech war.

This book is for anyone who wants to read history in order to understand the present. It’s a launching pad for any inquisitive mind, students or couch-detectives or scholars. Turn off your TV, read Vaughn’s book, and then turn your TV on again. His book will enable you to understand the news, not just spectate it.

Luke Hamilton
hr min
1 September
History Demystified