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Another eight great chapters that reveal where we are in the last days....

Chapter One: "Exposing the Federal Reserve" by Chuck Missler

Eye-opening. It's not federal, and it's not a reserve! 
Chapter Two: "The Communist Agenda in the USA" by Curtis Bowers

Curtis, a former Idaho State Legislator, traces the alive-and-well socialist agenda's history in America. By hook or crook, the 1960s hades-bent radicals have made politically correct most of what the Bible calls sin! And this was done right under our noses! But armed with information, we can better know where to draw the lines and fight the good fight. Must know info!! 
Chapter Three: "God & the Gushy Gospel" by Mike Gendron

Are you witnessing with a watered-down gospel? Learn the true gospel vs. a false gospel. 
Chapter Four: "Why Christians Can't Trust Psychology" by Gino Geraci

The largest growing field in Bible colleges today is Christian counseling. Yet, as Gino convincingly shows, most use of this relatively new phenomenon is totally out of scriptural bounds. Anyone who is going to a Christian counselor, or is considering going to one, needs to hear this! 
Chapter Five: "The Tangled Web of Christian Tolerance" by Josh McDowell

Josh explains why the new tolerance is not for Christians. 
Chapter Six: "The Choice" by Frank Peretti

If you have appreciated his writing, you simply will be blown away by this live presentation by a master storyteller. He uses wit and humor to show the stupidity of politically correct thinking. 
Chapter Seven: "Satan's Strategies for Your Heart & Mind" by Ed Hindson

Ed Shows how the impact of television and other media is changing the thoughts and actions of Christians! 
Chapter Eight: "The Seduction of Christianity" by Dave Hunt

Based on his 1980s best-selling book by the same name, Dave shows us how even the smallest, seemingly insignificant compromise ultimately is a victory for Satan.

Religion & Spirituality
Chuck Missler, Mike Gendron, Josh McDowell, Ed Hindson, Curtis Bowers, Gino Geraci, Frank Peretti, Dave Hunt
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June 3
Compass International