The Silent Princess: A YA Epic Fantasy Romance The Silent Princess: A YA Epic Fantasy Romance

The Silent Princess: A YA Epic Fantasy Romance

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    • 79,00 kr

Publisher Description

*This is a standalone story set in the Princess League universe.

A mute orphaned girl who dreams of the sea. A prince sent to investigate a sea curse. A deadly secret that lies deep beneath the ocean.

Marina is a mute orphan who has recurring dreams of the sea and an unknown yet familiar man and is stricken with a deadly sickness that leaves her with mere months to live. After her cruel guardian, Pratt, threatens to harm one of the girls, Marina intervenes using magic she never knew she possesses. 

Forced to leave, her life takes an unexpected turn when she meets Emma, a poor and kind woman, who takes her in.  Meanwhile, whispers of a ship-devouring curse cast shadows across the kingdom, prompting Prince Dominic to assemble a fearless sea crew to investigate in exchange for a handsome reward. 

Eager to ease Emma’s financial burden, Marina decides to join and recognizes the prince as the mysterious figure in her recurring dreams. To unravel the truth behind her dreams and her mysterious past, she seeks to board the ship even if she has to do it as a stowaway, for nobody would recruit a mute and sickly crew member.

What begins as a quest for answers swiftly transforms into a perilous odyssey into the depths, leading to a revelation that threatens humanity's very survival.

*A must-listen for fans of high fantasy, fairy tale retellings, and clean fantasy romance with magical action, adventure, and mystery! Princess League is a series of interconnected stories. Each of the first five books features a different heroine who must unveil their hidden power to fight against the magical threats and save their kingdom and love. The heroines’ stories will merge from the sixth book onward.

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Kids & Young Adults
Elizabeth DeVault
hr min
5 February
Alvin Chiew