The Story of 'You': Life Beyond Personality, Book 1 (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

Life Beyond Personality series overview:

Life Beyond Personality is a series of two practical, accessible books on the subject of non-duality: The Story of ‘You’ and The Infinite Journey. They take the listener behind the spiritual jargon into the heart of all the difficult, confusing, and often unanswered questions about what it means to wake up from the "dream of personality".

What is the dream of personality?

We enter this world as the experience of oneness or being, but we lose our perception of this natural state as we grow up and become identified with our personality. The personality creates its own dream from the deep-seated beliefs and emotions it harbours, a dream that can be full of emotional distress, over-thinking, and the investment in a future which never quite delivers on the promise that "when I get this I’ll be happy".

The Story of ‘You’ proposes that, as an adult, it’s possible to wake up out of this dream and return to the experience of the natural state. When that happens a whole new adventure begins in a life beyond personality.

The Story of ‘You’ explores how this is possible, and the effect it has on the life that is lived. It unfolds as a series of discussions between Jez Alborough and his friend Matthew, whose probing questions and very human responses enable Jez to explore this subject fully, confronting all the difficult, practical areas that arise. The series builds into a map, as each chapter gives vital information needed to continue onwards into the adventure beyond personality.

Who is this audiobook for?

The series was written with two specific audiences in mind: Firstly, people who’ve never heard of non-duality but have the conviction that there’s something missing in their lives, some potential they’re not yet realising. Perhaps, like Jez when he was younger, they’ve experienced "openings" which pointed to that potential inside them, but they have no reference points to understand what it is they have glimpsed.

The second audience is people who have studied non-duality; they know all the jargon and the concepts but remain stuck in an intellectual rather than an experiential understanding. Life Beyond Personality is a practical exploration of non-duality that builds a bridge from the everyday life of the listener to the experience of oneness.

About the author:

Jez Alborough is the best-selling author of over 45 children's picture books. The Story of 'You' is his first book for adults.

In the author’s words:

I’ve been an author and illustrator of children’s books for over 30 years. In my stories about ducks in trucks, dogs who can fly and chimpanzees looking for their mummies I’ve had the pleasure of introducing little people all over the world to some big themes which they’ll encounter as they grow up. However, there’s one story that I haven’t been able to write for my regular readership because it’s a subject that only becomes relevant once you’ve grown into an adult: The story of "you".

As a storyteller it was natural for me to see this return to the natural state as a story, the most important story you could ever hear if you want to find out who you are and why you’re suffering. It’s a wonderful, challenging, and powerful journey of discovery that, after many years of writing stories, I finally feel able to tell.

Religion & Spirituality
Jez Alborough, Matthew Wherry
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17 February
Still Point Press