The Welcome Home Door and Other Stories: Tales of Appalachia and Beyond (Unabridged) The Welcome Home Door and Other Stories: Tales of Appalachia and Beyond (Unabridged)

The Welcome Home Door and Other Stories: Tales of Appalachia and Beyond (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • 95,00 kr

Publisher Description

Lighthearted, humorous storytelling from a seasoned traveler firmly grounded now in rural Southern Appalachia. With a love of character and community, Rouse delights listeners with subtle details of relationships, adjusting to country life, wisdom of nature and the landscape of domestic negotiations. Americana with a twist. Regional yet global. 

Snapshots and slices of life. Stories include Appalachian tales of family and community, suburban humor of picking out Mother's Day presents, a Who-Done-It with a lady sheriff solving the crime and porcine humor—from an encounter with a flying pig to getting a stray piglet tipsy!  

Characters are wise, clueless, young, old, eager and reluctant. Clever and delicious, tender and thoughtful, listen to these aloud or enjoy the wisdom and humor alone.

Recent Reviews:

"I love Richard Rouse's stories. Reading The Welcome Home Door is like sitting with him at a campfire, listening to his compelling storyteller's voice—you don't want the evening to end. His is a natural writer's voice, completely without artifice." (Frank Levering Writer/Producer PBS “Simple Living” series, founder, Cherry Orchard Theatre)

"Richard Rouse's stories sparkle with thoughtful descriptions and homespun charm. His writing is clear and lucid, and you will be immensely entertained as each story unfolds with drama and intrigue. A great read!" (Kabir Sehgal, New York Times bestselling author, Carry On with John Lewis)

"A big cheer for Richard Rouse! He is one of those natural storytellers who carry on the tradition of Mark Twain, Eudora Welty and Maya Angelou! Reading his stories takes the lucky readers on a highly entertaining trip through mountains and bus trips and the landscape of domestic negotiations. Rouse’s storyteller voice is as true as the notes of (mountain bird) singing at daybreak!" (Dusty J Miller, author of the Alice Ott Mystery series)

Richard Rouse, Steve Rouse
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29 April
Rouse House Media