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Discover places you never knew existed and will fascinate you and facts that will blow your mind!

This book is a collection of Bill Roger's two incredible travel and trivia books which includes:

Travel Book: A Travel Book of Hidden Gems that Takes You on a Journey You Will Never Forget: World Explorer
Surprising and Shocking Fun Facts: The Treasure Book of Amazing Trivia.


If you're traveling the world - or if you just want to travel the world from your armchair - this book will enlighten and amuse you. It could add a few unusual stops to your itinerary, as well.


Perhaps you're just too busy this year for that round-the-world trip. But this book could give you ideas...and deliver a lot of fun facts en route.

This book will uncover hidden gems you never knew existed! It takes travelling to a whole new level! 

Also included: 

Maybe you want to impress your friends with a wealth of trivia - or maybe you're just fascinated by strange customs and odd traditions! This isn't just a round-up of odd facts - it's a treasury of enjoyable stories, some with a humorous turn, or a twist in the tale.

You'll be disgusted by some of the weird foods covered in the book - amused by Mark Thatcher, lost in the Sahara - captivated by the attempt to conquer the North Pole by balloon - and amazed by the way some Filipinos take their dead relatives out for a walk. We also introduce you to Columbus, the biggest failure ever, and the wonderfully named Ivailo the Cabbage, King of Bulgaria.

You may not be able to get a degree in geography or history with these fun facts - degree courses would be a lot more fun if you could! But this book will take you on a trip round the world and through the centuries that is enthralling and never, ever dull.

This book will keep you entertained, uncover hidden gems, and take you on the journey of a lifetime! Great for increasing your own knowledge, picking an exciting travel destination or as a gift! 

Travel & Adventure
Sylvia Rae
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June 11
Zane El Zein