WASP Sting (Unabridged‪)‬

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WASPs, Women Airforce Service Pilots, are some of the unsung heroes of World War II. Few have heard their story...until now.   

Thriller author and military veteran Lee A. Sweetapple blends historical research with heart-pounding intrigue in this stellar spy adventure.  

Trudy Andrich, a brave WASP, has been instructed to sneak behind enemy lines and rescue a scientist and his world-changing research. Her bosses at the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) just know she's the woman for the job. On her way to Lithuania, she meets Major Rod Jackson, a war hero of the Dieppe Raid. The two will face Gestapo agents and more-surprising opponents as they work to return the scientist into Allied territory.   

Deep in the field, Trudy will need to call on all her aviation and OSS training for this difficult mission. But what far-reaching implications do her actions have for the battles ahead?    

Trudy Andrich is doing all she can to help the war effort as the Allied and Axis powers clash across the Atlantic and Pacific. As a Woman Airforce Service Pilot (WASP), Trudy is one of the most knowledgeable flyers of the P-51 Mustang. She is in full command of one of the fastest airplanes ever made, but she is forbidden from going into combat because of her gender.   

Trudy is shocked when her dream of going to the front lines is fulfilled. The Office of Strategic Services (OSS) needs a pilot to sneak into German-occupied Lithuania and rescue a professor whose work could have international implications. But first, Trudy will have to get there.  

As Trudy crosses the US and Canada with her handsome traveling partner, Major Rod Jackson, she sees the many different ways Americans and Canadians are helping on the home front. Her new base of operations in Duxford, England, will also give her a front-row seat to the violent, deadly aerial battles of the European theater.  

Trudy is determined to fight to protect the Allies, but will she make it out of her first operation alive?  

Crime & Thrillers
Patricia Santomasso
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20 September
Eclectic Manor Publishing