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This standalone erotic military romance centres around Eden Summer. She is the new face in the entertainment group travelling around Afghanistan. During her very first song on stage she locks eyes with a sexy stranger.

Following an impromptu meeting with Sergeant Matthew Hunter backstage, it’s clear there is chemistry between them which leads to a one-on-one encounter where they explore each other’s bodies deep into the night.

Is this just a fleeting moment between the two, with the war destined to keep them apart – or will they find a way to be together again?

A Singer & A Soldier Excerpt: Copyright 2015 Lorraine Loveit

My eyes closed as he deepened the kiss while using the arm around me to support my now arched back. My head was spinning from the sensations he was stirring within me. I hadn’t ever been kissed so thoroughly. Despite my need to breath air I was disappointed when it ended.

I opened my eyes and saw he was staring down at me with his face still so close. His breathing was ragged and his voice sounded almost gruff when he spoke. “Tell me to leave.”


“Because if you don’t I’m jumping three moves ahead.” His chess game analogy would have been funny if he hadn’t looked so serious as he awaited my reply.

The fusion of heat I felt at his touch was unbelievable. There was definitely a physical connection between us. Could I let him walk away? That was the question we were both silently asking.


That one whispered word was all the encouragement he needed. After releasing a heavy sigh he grasped the back of my head with his free hand as he once more sought out my mouth. This time his school boy persona was gone, to be replaced by a hot-blooded man who needed some loving.

I moaned as his tongue wedged my lips apart to delve inside to entwine it with mine. I put one hand out to his solid chest and felt the rapid beating of his heart beneath my fingers. He soon broke the kiss before gently manoeuvring me until I was lying on the narrow bunk. I vaguely wondered how its size was going to accommodate both of us.

As he hovered over me with one of his meaty thighs on either side of mine I had my answer, we were going to occupy the same space. It was just as well that I wasn’t claustrophobic as the closeness of him enveloped me, trapping me both beneath him and against one metal wall. Although he was physically stronger and heavier he didn’t crush me, instead using his forearms to balance his weight.

Then his hands were on me or more accurately on my blouse as he deftly undid each one of the buttons while I watched, fascinated by the look of concentration on his face. Once my shirt was fully open he fumbled around behind my back to reach and undo the clasp of my plain white bra. Instead of removing it he simply pushed the cups down to reveal my breasts to his hungry gaze. I got the impression he hadn’t seen a naked woman for quite some time.

“You’re so hot!”

Fiction & Literature
25 May
Lorraine Loveit

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