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This book is the third in the Smarter Student series, after Anyone Can Get An A+: How to Beat Procrastination, Reduce Stress and Improve Your Grades and the companion workbook. I wrote this book to help students go after their dreams. Whether you want to get into your dream college, be eligible for a scholarship or pass a professional exam, I believe that the principles and strategies outlined in this book can be applied to studying for and acing any standardized test.

Knowing the right way to study is an incredibly important factor in getting the most out of time spent studying. Doing well in school or college is not dependent on whether you are the smartest kid in class or whether you spend the longest hours in the library. Instead, if you use the right study techniques, anyone can improve their grades significantly. 

I wrote this book for those who are facing numerous challenges while studying for a standardized test – juggling part-time or full-time work, classes, family responsibilities. Even if you have adequate time to prepare, it is an overwhelming task to prepare for such a test. 

This book will help you to:

- learn the best techniques to study based on the latest research from psychology and neuroscience

- find the best environment to study and learn what to avoid

- help you use your study time effectively, so you make the most of the time you have

- make a customized plan to prepare for the test that is suited to your specific needs and schedules

- put you in the right mindset for preparing to take the test 

June 5
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