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originally published in 2006 adaptive analysis for stocks is just as relevant today. whilst dates have changed the patterns are still the same.
this e-book is designed to show you an alternative way of looking at profitability and your own trading.
your aim is to be profitable.
my aim is to help you understand how to make yourself profitable.
the vast majority of traders, and active investors for that matter, are losers – or, at best, marginal winners. Some people pay educators up to $20000 to help them find an edge or the secret to generating profits in the markets. they listen to poor advice, perhaps from non-licensed practitioners, and rarely take any responsibility for their own actions. if you are like many other beginners, you probably already feel as though you've been through the ringer, trying many different methods and reading any book you could get your hands on. i call this the beginner's cycle – moving back and forth between methods and ideas that just never eventuate into any concrete or consistent profits. it can be an expensive and long journey but, more importantly, it's an extremely frustrating journey that causes many to give up.
by the end of this book you will be thinking like a professional trader, operating as a business manager rather than a gambler.
Nick Radge's e-book "successful stock trading" is an extract from adaptive analysis for stocks (the first 4 chapters). Originally published as adaptive analysis for australian stocks in 2006 by wrightbooks, adaptive analysis for stocks is re-published with only minor edits.

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May 7
Nick Radge

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