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From the first car race in history to the win of the Formula 1 Constructors championship in 2014, the thrilling victories of the Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrows mark the peaks of the history of motor sport for the Stuttgart-based brand. This unique continuity of sporting excellence is reflected in a series of five books, suggestively entitled “Addicted to Winning - The Silver Arrows History”. The first part - “The motor vehicle conquers the world” - include the most magical moments from 1894 to 1915.

Do you know which is the first car having a steering wheel? 

Who is the person who competed under the pseudonym Mercedes?

Did you know when the notion of “pits” was first mentioned?

Did you know that the winner’s top speed in the 1908 French Grand Prix was 175 km/h?

Do you know which is the first racing-car with a design based on aerodynamic findings?

Do you imagine a racing car engine with a displacement of 21.5 liters?

Do you know who broke the 200 km/h mark in 1909?

Which is the race that showed the huge exponential increase in public enthusiasm for motor racing?

The answers to these questions are waiting to be discovered along the history of a heroic era. A time when drivers without helmets roared at breakneck speed down roads paved with deceptive, slippery cobblestones or along dusty graveled tracks, the era of hands bloodied by bucking steering wheels and gear levers.

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