Amy Carmichael 8-in-1 (Illustrated). Things as they Are, Lotus Buds, Overweights of Joy, Walker of Tinnevelly, Ragland Pioneer, Ponnamal, Continuation of a Story, From the Fight

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Amy Carmichael (1867-1951) served in India for over 50 years and is well-known for her work rescuing children from temple prostitution as well as her inspirational missionary writings.

This excellent collection contains 7 of her most well-known and beloved writings. All have been spell-checked and formatted for your eReader and are beautifully illustrated. You will be encouraged, challenged and inspired as you read of the impact and legacy that Amy Carmichael and her team had in India!

Included in this collection are the complete texts of:

1. THINGS AS THEY ARE: Missionary Work in South India (1903). One of her first books ever written, it is a look at Amy's daily life in her work in South India, especially that of rescuing young children from temple prostitution (aka: "being married to the gods"). It was so shocking that many didn't believe what she'd written when it was first published, so this edition contains a number of letters from other missionaries confirming the truth of what Amy wrote.. (32 chapters and dozens of illustrations)

2. OVERWEIGHTS OF JOY (1906). A sequel to Things As They Are, it continues the story of Amy’s work, honestly sharing its joys and struggles. (36 chapters, illustrated).

3. LOTUS BUDS (1909). A touching look at many of the precious children that Amy and her companions saved out of temple prostitution. (36 chapters, illustrated).

4. FROM THE FIGHT (1900). An intriguing look at some of Amy's earliest efforts in missions work in South India. (5 chapters)

5. THE CONTINUATION OF A STORY (1914). As the title suggests, a short continuation and elaboration of the work at Dohnavur. (6 chapters).

6. PONNAMAL: Her Story (1918). The touching story of one of Amy’s faithful helpers in her mission. (17 chapters)

7. WALKER OF TINNEVELLY (1916) was a missionary and fiery revival preacher in India. He went to South India with the CMS (Church Missionary Society) in Tirrunevelly (South India) from 1885 until his death in 1912. He was a powerful preacher and helped form many evangelistic traveling groups. While he faced much opposition from Hindus he also saw sparks of revival, especially in 1905-1906. He was a mentor and teacher to Amy Carmichael and encouraged her in her work among temple girls and women. (39 chapters, illustrated).

8. RAGLAND, PIONEER (1922). Documents the life and ministry of Thomas Ragland, an early missionary to South India who paved the way for the work of Amy and her team. (27 chapters).

• Includes dozens of illustrations!

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