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This classic includes the following articles and more:

The Word of God

Magnifying the Word of God

Power of the Word

How to Read and Study the Bible

How to Teach the Word of God


Our Duty to God

Our Duty to the Nation

Second Advent of Christ

Glorious Appearing of Christ

Effect of Christ’s Coming on the Earth, or the Millennium

New Earth

Capital City of the New Earth

New Earth as Taught in the Sanctuary Service No. 1

New Earth as Taught in the Sanctuary Service No. 2

Signs of Christ’s Coming in the Heavens

Signs in the Earth

Important Signs of the Last Days

Last Day Signs in Spiritual World

Three Comings of Christ and Marriage of the Lamb

Coming of Judgment, or Going to the Marriage

Coming as a Thief, or the Marriage

Christ Coming for His People, or Coming From the Wedding

Close of Probation

Seven Last Plagues

Seventh Plague

Ministry of Angels

Who Are the Angels?

The Work of Good and Evil Angels

Things Angels Know

Different Orders of Angels

Gabriel, the Angel of Prophecy

The Sanctuary

Type and Antitype

Service in the First Apartment of the Sanctuary

Service in the Second Apartment of the Sanctuary


Nature of the Judgment

Books of Judgment

Judgment of the Wicked

The Eighth Chapter of Daniel

The 2300 Days of Dan. 8:14

The Position and Work of Our Heavenly High Priest

Day of Atonement


The Altar of Incense

The First Angel’s Message Announcing the Hour of God’s Judgment

Second Angel’s Message

Third Angel’s Message




The Family

Duty of Husband

Duty of Wife

Duty of Parents to Their Children

Parental Control

Result of Wrong Training

Result of Good Training

Home Influences

Education in the Homes

The Fifth Commandment


Preparation for Prevailing Prayer

Answered Prayer

Secret Prayer

Family Prayer

For Whom Should We Pray?

Postures in Prayer

The Bible Sabbath

The Sabbath

Christ and the Sabbath

The Relation of God and His People on the Sabbath

The Wicked and the Sabbath

The First Day of the Week

The Weekly Cycle

Ceremonial Sabbaths

Did Christ Change the Sabbath?

Did the Disciples Change the Sabbath?

Who Changed the Sabbath?

The Seal of God

The Sealing Work

The Hundred and Forty-four Thousand, or the Sealed Ones

The Law and the Gospel

The Ten Commandments in the New Testament

The Two Covenants

The Law of God

The Law of God Before It Was Proclaimed Upon Mount Sinai

The Giving of the Law

The Law of God

Converting Power in the Law

City Work

Origin and History of Cities

City Work Under God’s Direction

Christ and the Apostles as City Missionaries

Nature of Man

What Is Death?

Are the Dead Conscious?

How Are the Dead Raised Up?

Two Resurrections and the Second Death

Eternal Life, the Gift of God

Life Only Through Christ, as Taught by the Cities of Refuge

The Great Adversary

Second Fall of Satan

Third Fall of Satan

Ancient Spiritualism

Modern Spiritualism

Holy Spirit

Efficiency of the Holy Spirit

Receiving the Holy Spirit

How to Retain the Spirit

Latter Rain

The Loud Cry


The Origin and Purpose of Nations

Second Chapter of Daniel

The Gospel Preached in the Great Universal Kingdoms of the Earth

Characteristics of the Five Great Universal Kingdoms

Second Chapter of Daniel

Seven Trumpets

Seven Churches








The Twelfth Chapter of Daniel


Business Principles

Safe Counsel for Business Men

Where the Danger Lies

God Honors Both Rich and Poor

Spirit of Prophecy

Visions and Dreams

Prophets and Prophetesses

Leading Prophets

Spirit of Prophecy in the Remnant Church

Physical Tests of a True Prophet

Characteristics of a True Prophet

Doubters’ Criticism of Prophets

Old Testament Prophets

New Testament Prophets

The Conscience

A Good Conscience

Defiled Conscience

A Seared Conscience

Consciences Mentioned in the Bible

School of the Prophets

Location and Finance of the School

Religion & Spirituality
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