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Heat up the night with the sexiest and hunkiest Supernaturals who populate your wildest erotic imagination. These are what dreams (and a few nightmares) are made of. Journey the carnal rainbow highway with Vampires, Werewolves, and other rare shape-shifters, like the fabled Werebear. He’s the hot leather daddy of your fantasy—and he bites. Find out what an angry ghost is doing in the finest brothel east of Bankok, and the secret strategies of the Incubus, the most sensual of the Fae. For your reading pleasure—here are twelve stories to capture your throbbing libido with over 72,000 words. They are all available in separate collections at their regular prices, but for a limited time you can have them all.  However, unlike a Vampire, this event won’t last forever, so grab them while you can:

*Beware the Werebear
*Big Bad Werebear
*Wolf Nipple
*Werebear Bang
*Werebear Gone Wild
*Werebear Bound
*Dolly’s Brothel
*Big Bad Incubus
*Ash, Native American Gay Vampire
*Tale of the Werestag 1
*Tale of the Werestag 2
*Eye of Wolf

(Definitely an Adults only novel length well endowed collection of explicit and graphic sexual action that is too hot to describe in a blurb without getting censored)


“So,” I said, doing my fourth shot, “what you’re really asking is if I can concentrate and end up with the biggest dick you’ve ever seen.” I put the shot glass down a little louder than I had intended. “Even without partial shifting, I probably have the biggest dick you’ve ever seen.” It’s not bragging if it’s true. I wasn’t bragging.

A few more rounds and Derrick led me to a house that was hidden behind the bar. He was more than a little drunk and fumbled a bit with the door. A teenage looking male, smelling of wet dog, picked up a game boy and left the room without a comment. An alpha did what an alpha did, and if you were a gawky teenager, you were pretty much at the bottom of the pack heap. Sucked to be you.

Derrick stopped by the kitchen to pick up tequila in a round clay pot, while I took the opportunity to hit the head and get rid of a lot of liquid. I felt ten pounds lighter, and sadly, felt like I had pissed away a lot of my buzz. Damn Berserker metabolism. It was always a race to try to get a buzz on before running out of booze.

I followed the alpha into his bedroom. I had expected it to be one big mess, but it reminded me of how neatly my uncles kept their boats. Everything was meticulous. Then all our clothes were on the floor and I picked him up and threw him on his bed. I pulled myself up to my full height.

While I was personally embarrassed by being nude at this diminished weight, I knew this was my own issue and not his. In his eyes, he had won the lottery. I had been honest about my dick. I didn’t need to shift to impress him with my size.

Fiction & Literature
March 17
Skye Eagleday

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