no. 2 - Billionaire's Ravished Hotwife

Billionaire's Captive Hotwife (Book 2 of "Billionaire's Ravished Hotwife"‪)‬

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Gorgeous Tania has just discovered the delights of being a devoted husband’s hotwife when her treacherous ex-husband pledges her to the BaMa, a ruthless gang of thugs, as collateral for his gambling debts. They don’t care that she’s Tim’s wife now; she belongs to them. After they have their own fun, they’ll sell her to the highest bidder! Can Tania escape before she’s ravished by all of them?

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

James wasted no time. He didn’t need to line up, he just plunged inside my wife. There was no easing it in, James just pushed, and Tania took him all the way inside, moaning the entire time.

By the time he bottomed out, Tania’s arms and legs were wrapped around him. “Do me hard, James,” she wailed. “Use me, James.” My wife wasn’t at all subtle, she wanted it hard, and she let him know.

James was a strong guy, I could see his muscles tense and release all along his back and buttocks as he drove into my wife like a human piston.

It was hard to see on his dark skin, but I could just make out a tattoo. It appeared to be the words Never Quit. I didn’t know what to make of it at the time. I’d seen something similar on William.

James was holding himself up by his bulging arms, and his hips moved rapidly, plunging into my wife. Tania was doing her part as she pushed herself back at James as fast and hard as she could.

I watched her peak without stopping.

Her moans grew louder, and she began to beg, “Inside me, James. Finish inside me. Go harder…” I had become too excited watching them. How could they keep going like this?

With a howl, James straightened his arms and threw his head back.

“Oh yes, deep inside.”

He was buried completely in my wife. I watched as he repeatedly contracted, sending his essence deep inside my wife.

James collapsed on top of Tania. Both were covered in sweat and breathing rapidly. Tania was smiling, her eyes closed as she caressed his large back.

Tania opened her eyes enough to look at me and smile as she said, “You should go back to the house, I’m going to stay here awhile.”

I pulled up my pants—I’d already used my underwear to clean up. My wife and I smiled at each other as I opened the door.

I met William making his way around the pool, carrying a large military-style assault weapon with a large handgun in a holster on his right hip.

“Tania’s in there with James.”

“Oh, well he’s up. I guess it’ll be me in there with your wife now.” Nothing shy about William.

I heard Tania squeal in delight when William opened the door to the pool house. James just bitched.

Sometime before dawn, I heard the shower running, and a few minutes later Tania crawled into bed with me and molded her still warm body to my back.

“You know I love you, Tim. I had some incredible sex tonight, but it’s you I love.”

She giggled softly before she began to gently snore.

Fiction & Literature
20 September
Boruma Publishing, LLC

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