Bound by Affliction (Ravage MC #9) (Bound #4) Bound by Affliction (Ravage MC #9) (Bound #4)
Book 9 - Ravage MC

Bound by Affliction (Ravage MC #9) (Bound #4‪)‬

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Publisher Description

~Bound by Affliction is a gritty compelling emotional love story. ~Diane


Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling author Ryan Michele brings an intensely heart-breaking romance that proves hope can conquer all. 

One minuteone secondone breath, it was all for a future that was suddenly unknown.


The attraction is powerful and undeniable, neither of us knowing where it will lead, but both willing to go along for the ride. A bond between them develops weaving itself towards something good and right.

In the flash of a moment, one decision changes the course of everything.

Ty "Green" Burm has a family, a job he loves, and a woman he is ready to call his. With the Ravage Motorcycle Club at his back, he knows he can take on anyone.

Except the Red Devil's MC got to Leah first. The things they did to her ...

Unspeakable hell.

Leah Johnston is lostbroken and torn. Once vibrant, she's drowning in fear and has lost all hope for anything in her life. And for anyone.

The pain now stands between them and even Ravage can't fix this for Green.

These two are bound by affliction and it's going to take time, patience and understanding for love to overcome the scars between them.

When ghosts of the past are unable to be shaken off, can these two find their way towards the good and right once again or will everything crumble around them leaving them both in the dust.

One thing is for sure. The men of the Ravage MC do not back down.


~It grabs my heart and won't let go from start to finish. ~Teresa


~I couldn't put this book down at all, this is hands down one of the easiest 5 star books I've read and had to review in a long time. ~Jenn


** Bound by Affliction (Ravage MC #9) is a full-length standalone novel. **


Ryan Michele brings you the seductive, dangerous, and gritty world of the Ravage Motorcycle Club where loyalty and family are everything and threats lurk around every corner. 


With complex characters, gripping storylines, steamy romance and heart-stopping danger, the Ravage MC series spans multiple books in an adrenaline-fueled suspenseful ride, filled with explosive passion, betrayal, forbidden love, heartbreak, secrets, second chances and thrilling action with intense emotions


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31 January
Ryan Michele

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