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Build Better Knees is a complete recovery kit that will guide you through the entire process of diagnosing your imbalances, providing you with specific clinical solutions to treat your knee injury, and getting you back to running pain-free. It’s a action-packed program filled with tons of great information. 

It can help you recover from the four most common and debilitating running- related knee injuries: Patellofemoral Pain, Iliotibial Band Syndrome, Patellar Tendinosis and Quadriceps Tendinosis. 

What's in the book? 

1. Learn Why Your Knees Hurt When You Run. 

2. Learn The Anatomy and Biomechanics of Running Injuries 

3. Learn Why Inflammation Is NOT Your Enemy. 

4. Learn Why It's Not Knee Tendonitis. 

5. Learn The Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Your Knee Exercise Program. 

6. Learn How To Self-Treat Patellofemoral Pain, Iliotibial Band Syndrome, Patellar and Quadriceps Tendon Repetitive Strain Injury. 

7. Learn How To Build Stronger Healthier Knees. 

8. Learn How To Injury-Proof Your Body And Recover Faster. 

9. Learn Acupressure Massage, Detox Solutions And Herbal 

10. Dietary Supplements For Better Health And Fitness. 

After working 15 years as a physical therapist, I felt there was something missing in the current medical system. I saw a lot of patients repeatedly coming back into the system, unable to conquer their issues with chronic injuries. I observed that the current medical system unfortunately focused more on treating patients’ symptoms and often neglected their underlying problems. 

To treat my patients more effectively, I combined exercise science, physical therapy, and Ayurveda practices, which fundamentally transformed my practice. Using a holistic approach helps patients recover faster, stay healthier, and remain injury-free. 

I created Build Better Knees to give people a comprehensive solution that they can use to take care of their knee injuries. I see this program working every day in my practice. With dedication, it will work for you. 

Health & Well-Being
March 7
Manu Kalia

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