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She was taken from Earth to be a slave. Now she's trapped on a hostile planet where only one alien warrior can save her...

Kelly Donaldson only wanted some ice cream. But her quick walk to the corner market turns into a nightmare when she's abducted by slaver aliens intending to sell her to the highest bidder. After surviving a crash on a desert planet, Kelly finds herself hunted by both slavers and monstrous, terrifying predators. Just when all hope seems lost, a huge warrior leaps to her aid, saving her life and carrying her to his home in the caverns. His name is Zandon, and what a warrior he is. Zandon is over seven feet of perfectly sculpted muscle, bronze skin striped with red, and fierce blue eyes that see straight to her heart. Oh, and not to mention the way his leathers bulge beneath that belt... But when Zandon proclaims her his soulmate, she begins to think the gorgeous alien might not be all there in the head. She only wants to go home again. Too bad this warrior giant isn't making that any easier with his soul-scorching kisses and his insistence that she's his mate...

Zandon is an Azana warrior, his body perfected by years of hunting his world's dangerous predators and fighting the slavers who have driven his people to live in mountainside caves. When he sees a starship crash in one of the dangerous valleys of his homeland, he feels the powerful, undeniable pull of his true mate. What he doesn't expect is that his mate turns out to be a tiny, curvy little female called a "human." Yet, the instant he lays eyes on her, he knows he must make this tempting human his own. Only the vexing female isn't so easily convinced. Kelly is determined to head back to the dangerous valley where the ship crashed to see if she can somehow contact help and leave his planet for good. But from the moment Zandon sweeps her up in his arms and carries her back to his colony, he's determined to prove that she truly is his mate. He has never lost a challenge yet, and no power in the universe will stop him from driving her body wild and conquering her heart forever.

Reader note: contains alpha aliens, hot SF Romance elements, and a happily ever after

October 4
Etopia Press

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