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The final nine chapters from Amatore's Restaurant.
Secrets abound in this set of stories. The past is re-visited and many unanswered questions are raised. For some the truth may never be known. Characters are not always what they seem to be, but who will let their mask slip and reveal their true feelings?

Chapter 1: Post Script
Stephanie, concerned about the untimely death of Michael, reads a letter he sent to her not long before the birth of her son. In the letter Michael gives an account of the time he and Freya came to stay for a weekend. He also describes his feelings as he watches her relieve her sexual frustration. Aware that he's watching, she calls him over to join her.

Chapter 2: Masquerade
Colette Durrent recalls the time when she and her tenant, Richard, used to have a special arrangement on rent day. One Friday evening, however, Colette realises that Richard's attraction for her is genuine and this spurs her on to find a way out of her loveless marriage.

Chapter 3: Sweet Offerings
During the course of the dinner, Mario Amatore is in a panic and enlists the help of the blind guest, Monsieur Raul. The young waiter, Dale, and Lucy Sutton discover they have an interest in common. Albie and Prudence revive a past encounter, whilst Emily, Colin and Samantha make plans for the evening ahead.

Chapter 4: Distant Relations
After meeting Stephanie, Ana makes a shocking discovery about Freya and thinks back to the year before in Amsterdam. But when she questions Freya, her efforts to discover the truth are hampered by a dizziness and nausea, which worsens as the evening moves on.

Chapter 5: Tactical Ruse
Although suspicious of their motives, Richard was fascinated by the twins when they came to stay. Having believed their flirtations were a game designed to tease, he recalls the day when the girls convinced him their intentions were genuine.

Chapter 6: Past Imperfect
Rachael glances across to the couple at the bottom of the table and remembers how intrigued she was by her German student. She was determined to know more about him, but was shocked to discover the truth. However, she can't deny the growing attraction she feels for Hermana.

Chapter 7: The Dance
The music in the restaurant is turned up. As they dance to Ravel's Bolero, Rachael tells her partner about the dream of visiting her in the night. The moves of the dance are much admired by Natalie and Charlotte who have admissions of their own to confess. As the dance comes to an end, Rachael makes a proposition to Hermana.

Chapter 8: Liaisons
After the cheesecake is served, the guests disperse. In the dining hall several take delight in watching Monsieur Raul chastise his companion. Some leave the restaurant together, excited by the thought of what is yet to come, others are captivated by the striptease taking place in reception. A couple make their own entertainment in the restroom.

Chapter 9: Monsieur Henri
Charlotte and Natalie are the last to leave the restaurant. Before they go, Charlotte tells how, as a naive eighteen year old, she spent a long hot summer in Brittany enamoured by the charming Monsieur Henri.

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December 20
James Sillwood

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