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Do you have patients who are "stuck" and resist change? Would you like to help the 50 percent of patients who drop out of therapy before they have received its full benefits?To be successful therapists must know how to intervene to help patients experience previously avoided feelings. Co-Creating Change provides clear systematic steps for assessing patients' needs and intervening. Every technique is illustrated with a clinical vignette. The vignettes—representing hundreds of therapeutic impasses taken from actual sessions—show the therapists what to say so they can - Assess and respond to patients' need moment by moment. - Help patients develop and keep an effective focus that leads to change. - Help regulate patients' anxiety. - Teach patients to see and let go of their defenses. - Help patients stop resisting and start collaborating in therapy. - Facilitate patients who uses treatment-destructive defenses."This book is a brilliant master class. It demonstrates how to work collaboratively with patients safely compassionately and effectively to achieve successful outcomes."—David Malan DM FRCPsych author of Individual Psychotherapy and the Science of Psychodynamics"An incredibly useful book...Offers crystal clear and highly practical therapy techniques with plenty of transcript examples. Good for new and advanced practitioners of any therapeutic orientation." —Leslie Greenberg PhD author of Emotion-Focused Therapy"This is the clearest and most clinically useful exposition of Davanloo's Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy on the market."—Stanley B. Messer PhD Dean and Distinguished Professor Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology Rutgers University"Co-Creating Change is an invaluable source book for all therapists wanting to do work that is highly collaborative and deeply affecting."—Patricia Coughlin PhD faculty University of New Mexico and author of Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy

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July 1
Seven Leaves Press

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