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Critical Fight America, (Notebook/Study Guide 2: July, 2013 - October, 2016) is the second ‘collected reading’ notebook/study guide in a curriculum and leadership series on the Shadow Wars being waged against the American public, and overseas, since 1945.  In Notebooks 2-3, my own case study (a 4-year original research study on mass surveillance abuses) in Non-Cooperation is presented within the broader context of US and world events.  The Social Justice issues we focus on throughout this series for creative problem-solving are: racism, mass/militarized violence and economic (including sexist) exploitation.  These interdependent issues were referred to as the Three Evils by Dr. King; and there is no reason to reinvent the wheel

I was a professor for over 20 years at what has been recognized as ‘one of the most militarized universities,’ Post 9-11.  During this time I was asked (and refused) on three occasions to serve the military/intelligence community.  My first rejection of ‘an offer you can’t refuse’ - to be a social scientist on a Human Terrain System team in Afghanistan - occurred while Edward Snowden was also living in the Honolulu area.  When he fled in April 2013, I was writing, conducting research and educating professional audiences about the common and risky groupthink decision-making errors that historically plague high level government and corporate officials.  In July, 2013 - a month after the ‘Snowden Revelations’ exposed the US government’s secretive and unconstitutional system of warrantless mass surveillance to a world-wide audience - my family and I were viciously blindsided in ways unimaginable to all but a minority of Americans - mostly political dissidents, activists and other leaders in Non-Cooperation.  Soon afterward, I was warned not to complete this textbook project that I had been working on since 2007.  The third (blackmail-laden) offer was made in front of two sons while I was visiting them for the holidays in December, 2013  (See Preface).

A History of Non-Cooperation and Original Research

The first three notebooks (Part A/1986-January, 2018) in this series are on contemporary history.  This first one sets the stage for the explosive content that follows by providing the reader with important background information (personal and political/historical). Each volume in this series on ‘Non-Cooperation Leadership’ is chronologically arranged (1945-The Present) to provide a broader political-historical/developmental context.  Specifically, it reveals the little known and brutal history of violence that laid the foundations for the leadership crisis and Global War on Terror that humankind is now subjected to across cultures and world-wide.

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April 16
Ed Hight, Ph.D.

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