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Separated in time and place, these young women and young men are united in their goal: to protect those they care for from the destruction of battle.

The odds are against them.

From the introduction: "This series omnibus covers a range of disabilities: cognitive impairment, speech disorders, mobility impairment, anxiety, emotional disturbance, visual impairment, and what I can only term as magic impairment. Yet when I wrote these stories, my thoughts were not on disability but on love: friendship and romance. I wrote about people like myself: people who stood outside the main boundaries of society, people who longed for companionship, people who sought something even higher than companionship. Those are the young people on these pages."


"Right or Right." Linnet is trouble. Everyone agrees about that. Driven from her native barony, she arrives at Goldhollow in hopes of beginning a new life, only to discover that she cannot escape her past.

"Crossing the Cliff." After ten years as apprentice to a Peacesteward, the one thing Erastus is sure of is that he's ill-prepared to become a master. Unfortunately, he's about to discover just how ill-prepared he is.

"Night Shadow." A prince who could see beyond his borders but not see the people around him. . . . An enemy who would take any measure to get what he wanted. . . . And now a stranger has brought news to the prince of an approaching danger.

"Wizard of the Sun." When Tyne's father makes plans to rid himself of his dull-witted son, Tyne climbs the wizards' mountain, hoping to find there an answer to his troubles. The power he receives there brings him joy beyond measure. Gradually, however, he comes to realize that the land of his people lies in danger. Tyne sets out to fight the danger, though he realizes that in doing so, he risks losing the power he has gained and returning to the lonely life he led as a boy.

Young Adult
July 27
Dusk Peterson

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