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Defensive Driving Crash Course is loaded with information to help beginner and advanced drivers learn to drive like a professional. Learn a driving method unknown to most drivers. No matter how confident you may feel that you have mastered the basics of driving, your risk of being involved in a crash is always present. However, there are several ways you can maximize your control and minimize your risk.

Defensive Driving Crash Course provides techniques, tips, and tactics on defensive driving, distracted driving, teen driving, driving and drinking, driving emergencies, fuel economy, and how to make every trip in any vehicle safe. You will also learn the foundations of becoming a smart safe driver, how to handle vehicle emergencies, how to drive defensively in any situation, and how to save your life, time and money while becoming a better driver.

Learn life saving tips like:

The A.S.S. method

Safe stopping distances

Recognizing and avoiding drunk drivers

How to drive in inclement weather

How to deal with road rage

How to parallel park

How to adjust to night driving and much more

Safe driving tips for teens

How to prevent collisions

How to survive collisions with large animals

Gas saving tips

These are just a few of the benefits and resources that you will learn while reading this book. This book will teach drivers how to drive safely while reducing the chance of an accident by anticipating dangers, risk, and knowing how to react to it in advance.

Defensive Driving Crash Course will help you transform your driving habits and if practiced and applied consistently you will become a smarter and safer driver. We have researched, studied, and mastered driving techniques and behaviors. With a focus on 3 key driving principles, Awareness, Speed, and Space (A.S.S. method) collisions can be prevented, no matter where you're driving, what you're driving, or the driving conditions.

The A.S.S. method is a combination of 3 vital principles of driving. These are Awareness, Speed, and Space which will prevent the loss of lives from traffic collisions. These 3 principles will help to improve safety for drivers all over the world.

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November 5
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