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This is the book that many on Wall Street may not want conservative investors to be aware of as it may affect their interest in unknowingly participating in secular bear markets.


Conversely, many on Wall Street may be aware of the secular markets but not fully aware of secular bear market dynamics. Within the context of this book, many financial writers and television pundits often convey some pretty silly concepts about long term market averages.


If this is your first exposure to the secular markets, this book should be an eye opener.


Secular bull markets are just wonderful. Buy and hold becomes low risk. Secular bear markets are dangerous. There are periods within secular bear markets where the bear becomes docile and can be petted. What to look for is identified inside. Just be careful and wear a glove.


The book was written for those who do not need to take excessive risk with what has already been hard earned. It will also be useful for newcomers and intermediates to the markets in evaluating risk. For the more adequately funded with hands on inclinations, a clearer picture of risk is presented.


This book wasn’t intended to make anyone a millionaire. There is a good chance it could speed one along the way. For those already in the millionaire ranks, the information could point out previously unrecognized dangers and maybe keep one in the ranks. Unfortunately some that achieve millionaire status don’t always stay there.

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August 24
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