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Faced with scandal, can Rebecca bring herself to trust Kent to help her eject her abusive ex-boyfriend from her life forever? And even if the threat is gone, will they be able to start over after such a tumultuous beginning?

Exclusive Engagement is 20,000 words and is the final book in the Rock Arrangement serial novel.


He stood up and helped me to my feet, then led me into the hall. Together we wound through the cold, white, corridors of the backstage area before reaching a dingy door. Kent pulled me through it and into the club proper.

I was certain we'd be noticed. Kent was not the sort of guy who went incognito easily, but to my shock no one looked twice at him and I realized that no one would be expecting to see him in the crowd at his own concert. Besides, the inside of the Snake Pit was so dim and dark that I could barely tell who he was, and I was holding his damn hand.

We circled around the back of the crowd, as unobtrusively as possible, before Kent found a spot against one of the pillars holding up the roof that remained unoccupied. Leaning against it, he pulled me to him, dragging my body into the cradle of his own, curving around me. My body pressed against his and as we stood there in the dark, waiting for the show to start, he ran his hands over my body with a lazy, deliberate air, and I felt himbegin to harden against my backside.

My breathing picked up. We were out in the open, out in public, and yet shrouded in anonymity.

Rough fingers slid under the hem of my shirt and skated over the skin of my stomach, dipping into the waistband of my jeans. My back arched, pressing against him, and he leaned down and hissed in my ear.

“If you don't stop that, I'm going to take you out back to the alleyway, and you'll miss the whole show.” His hot breath sent shivers down my spine.

My knees turned to jelly and the space between my legs ached. It occurred to me that I would probably prefer that outcome.

I circled my hips, grinding into him...

Fiction & Literature
May 24
Brittle Divinity Press

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