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I was the best at what I did. So, what was that, you might ask. Can you say Burglars-R-Us? I was cool under pressure, and it was a great way to enjoy a life in which I had become accustomed. Then life dealt 
me a body slam. No lie – right into the bottom of stupid, out-of-nowhere ditch. That's when the cops finally caught up with me. I knew I would be looking at the world through bars, but I caught a lucky 
break – no jail time, just parole. But now, I had to WORK for a living. The only reason my j-o-b was even tolerable arrived before my shift, and left long after I was gone. You guessed it – the most beautiful scientist I've ever seen. Of course, it was all look, don't touch because she was married. But then mayhem, murder, and money all started to swirl around the mountain like a storm, and my little 
Doc seems to be at the center of it all. Could such a sweet face hold nothing but lies? 


When my "husband" / best friend said that we would be hiring a paroled criminal, I could hardly believe it. I couldn't believe that he would jeopardize all of our work by having someone evil around who could 
be tempted to destroy what we had toiled so desperately to achieve. But then the new security guard walked in, and I found it hard to believe the man was a criminal. His face could be that of an actor and 
his body was so … healthy. He affected me so much that I had to remove myself from his presence right away. Still trying to calm myself, everything around me started falling apart: my husband was dead; our 
funding was being pulled; a test subject escaped, and that was just the tip of the iceberg. I went to Tim, just to talk; told him secrets. But now I wonder: does he believe anything that happens on this 

January 7
Kylie Parker Romance

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