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I love her.After all these years, I admit to it. Something I've been denying my entire life. But it's true. I can't imagine a life without her. I barely have any memories she isn't in. We've had more sleepovers than I can count. Our adventures started small and have escalated over time. She's been my partner in crime since we were kids. We've been friends forever. Things with her have always been easy.Until we grew up.I noticed her body changing first. Then came the makeup. She started acting different around me. There was flirting. Looks I couldn't avoid. She hated my girlfriend. Being alone with her felt wrong. My eyes wandered. My mind pondered. Inappropriate thoughts plagued me often. Every tight shirt, every short skirt, every inch of skin on display, had me wanting her, but I ignored it for years. Guys had her when it should have been me. But on paper we would never work—too much at stake—so I forced myself to fall for someone else. It worked. Until she hurt me. What she did left me angry, bitter, and it changed me, with one single act. Christmas Eve of Presley's senior year I gave in. I let myself have the girl I've wanted most of my life. One night set things in motion I never saw coming. I purposely hurt her. I hate myself for it. The guilt still eats at me. But one thing holds true—she'll never stay mad at me. Our history dates back too far. Her high school graduation came. One last adventure—Cancun. Everything changed. I made a promise to myself I intend to keep.Now, after all this time, I'm ready to make good on it. I'm going after my girl with my band at my side. But everything I set in motion a long time ago—it's catching up. You can't move forward with someone until she comes clean. The way I hurt her was nothing compared to the way she'll hurt me. Welcome to Miami.

February 24
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