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If you are ready for a change of path and life, FOREX is the way. FOREX market now trades as of vicinity of 3 trillion dollars daily. Three trillion is a lot of money, more than any other market, including the stock market. With this kind of liquidity comes a lot of volatility and that’s where the profit is made. To make money with FOREX, we need the price to move rapidly and in trends. FOREX provides plenty of opportunities to do that.

This course is not your regular hogwash that you will normally find at your brokers education section. The material below represents how the big movers and shakers and the big banks trade the market. If you think, that the bank and institutional traders are looking at your mess of indicators and lines that your brokers suggest you follow, you are for a big laugh. The large boys are looking at price levels and zones of concentration of stops. They also can see each other’s positions, which you can’t do if you are trading on retail platform. For them is like playing a real expensive video game. In that game all of their friends banks win, and you lose, if you have no idea what they are doing. The very purpose of the broker’s education is so your actions can be predictable and they can expect what you and the rest of the sheep for the slaughter will do. For example, they tell you that you should go long when such and such line and stochastic cross, how brilliant. At this moment, they are waiting with the hummer and go short, your positions are closed because of the whipsaw the move creates and bam, you are out.

The purpose of this book, is to teach you the signals that the big boys use, not a bunch of non sense indicator, no confusing lines, no presumptions, fundamentals releases and so forth. Pure price action is what moves the market. Since we do have a broker platform that we can use, we can see the price move’s at different time frames 5min, 1hour, 4hour, daily, weekly and so forth. The price movement, is visualized in bars with open close, highs and lows. The relationship between the adjacent bars, gives as a valuable information about the order flow and positions in the market. In FOREX we don’t see volume, since there is no centralized trading desk. The only thing we can predict, is the order flow and hence volume. The combinations of bars and proposed trades based on those bars presented below, may look fairly simple, but represents the true condition of the market and not some focus bogus fairy tale crossing of lines and magic indicators. Price action combined with the Fibonacci grades,Pivot Zones and Round numbers are most of the factors considered by the big traders and institutions. I will make you familiar with these factors, so you are no longer in the dark mesmerized by your favorite magic indicators.

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23 June
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