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DIVERSE VISIONS BOOK ONE: subtitle "HERITAGE" INTRODUCTION In the reservoir of my mind, the concept of "heritage" is the origin, or the roots, of an antique distant setup denoting my source of inspiration. In this subtitle so many factors that urged me to share these deeply rooted human similitudes, differences, weaknesses, challenges, in joy, love, power, recognition, winning, just to loose or keep, the success nurtured to last. In heritage, exposed are diverse cultures, interwoven into a nation, during the eighteen years I went round as a school teacher, in eight different schools in my country, not only to teach but also learn a lot from my own people. I still smell the soaked earth after the first rains fell, following a scorching dry season; somewhere in the west coast of Africa, "mother land dearest". Of course including other people's cultures and believes from the sub region and beyond. Heritage ranges, from my place of birth, with my late mother and father, who were peasant farmers. In the midst of which I was one of the privileged few, to attend school and get lettered. It is a kind of paying homage to what, where I come from, made of me. It is trying to put a universal meaning to an otherwise rich, hidden, culture, from Africa. What my nation and people endure, in their day to day lives. All that's narrated here is a combination of effects, which influenced me to paint a poetic picture to it all. Each poem decodes and expresses a particular happening, incident and event that directly or indirectly affected me or those I lived with. In short Heritage makes you feel, be part of the life of a people, trying to strive with almost nothing in their hands to survive, despite the odds. Heritage includes the eras of pre-colonial, colonial and independence of former western colonies, in Africa, a complexity, of culture conflicts, caused by, historical influences from other parts of the world. As times, people and levels of awareness keep on changing, in the world of today, some things have changed and are changing over the years, for better or for worst, and Heritage is another specter of contribution to promote a better understanding, a sensitization, without which so much will pass unnoticed, from that part of the world, narrated by a person who lived it all. By AMADOU BH SEY

Fiction & Literature
April 20
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