How I Became a Sex Toy Super Bundle 2

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This is a collection of "How I Became a Sex Toy" #7 - # 12 stories, plus the four bonus Sex Toy stories included in the third and fourth "Sex Toy" bundles.

1) How I Became a Sex Toy 7- Kasey

Kasey works at a restaurant run by Theresa. Theresa wields her authority with an iron fist in a magic glove, as Kasey discovers to her embarrassment when she learns first-hand that bimbification is the Theresa equivalent to a disciplinary write-up. Can Kasey keep her now over-heated hormones under control or will she give new meaning to the term "customer service"?

Warning: This 5,900 word story is for adults only and contains elements of magic, breast enlargement, b***o, transformation, oral, anal and ff.

2) How I Became a Sex Toy - Liz

Liz, Trish and Ellen are street hooligans just looking for fun and when they find a man taking his wheelchair-bound twin sister for a walk in the park, they think they've found easy victims. Unfortunately for them, twins in Chrystal Heights have powers...and they don't like bullies. Liz and her friends get a very embarrassing lesson in treating people right...and not judging a book by its cover.

Warning: This 7,100 word story is for adults only and contains elements of mental powers, transformation, bimbification, breast enlargement, oral, anal, masturbation, mf, ff, arousal, barefoot, high heels and erogenous zone re-alignment.

3) How I Became a Sex Toy 9- Natasha

Natasha's efforts to seduce her rival's boyfriend backfire when she gets caught in a compromising position...literally. Unfortunately for Natasha, her rival Sharon is a practicing witch and doesn't appreciate Natasha's efforts to steal her man. Even as Natasha finds herself slowly transforming, however, Sharon is willing to negotiate the terms of her punishment, but is Natasha willing to pay the price? More importantly, can Natasha afford to NOT pay the price?

Warning: This 4,100 word story is for adults only and contains elements of handcuffs, bimbification, transformation, breast enlargement, oral, arousal, shaving, magic and lisp.

4) How I Became a Sex Toy 10- Tabitha

Tabitha is a gold-digger who targets high-profile lesbian socialites. So when Tabitha sneaks into Darla Edginton's high-society party, she thinks she has it made. But what happens if Darla is actually aware of Tabitha's plans and decides to make plans of her own instead? And what if Darla actually has powers and abilities that Tabitha isn't aware of?

This 3,400 word story is for adults only and contains elements of paranormal, transformation, bimbification, breast enlargement, oral, anal and multiple partners.

5) How I Became a Sex Toy 11- Daria

It's Tina's twenty-fifth birthday and her best friends Daria and Elle know just what to give her for the party...magic potions! Of course, Daria and Elle have no intention of informing Tina they've spiked her jello shots with a breast-enlarging formula and an arousal potion that will put the girl into heat. They plan to simply sit back and watch the fireworks.

But what if Tina knows what they're up to and tricks Daria and Elle into drinking their own potions?

This 7200 word story is for adults only and has elements of magic potions, breast enlargement, oral, anal, shaving, multiple partners and a girl-on-girl kissing scene.

6) How I Became a Sex Toy 12- Audrey

Audrey is a young, ambitious business woman who thinks all's fair when stealing projects and ideas from co-workers. But what happens when her office colleagues get tired of the behavior and they have access to a formula capable of putting a woman into absolute helpless heat?

This 5000 word story is for adults only and has elements of masturbation, oral, sex, heat, office sex, mu

Fiction & Literature
6 April
Chrystal Wynd

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