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Publisher Description

HOW TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE  is a brief story revealing how you, or anyone else, can quickly overcome unwanted addictions, habits, or weaknesses and thus change your life. Following the simple, easy path, clearly outlined here, will enable the reader to quickly learn how to make any desired changes. No one needs to continue to suffer with unwanted problems that steal peace and happiness from multitudes today.

This book is a concise account of a brief but significant period in the author’s life. In just a few minutes he learned this little understood, often overlooked, practice that enables anyone to take complete control of his or her life. Change can be quickly accomplished by anyone anywhere at any time. It is very easy to do but understood by few.

Some say that Mark Twain once said, “It’s easy to stop smoking. I’ve done it a thousand times.” We can all relate to that remark because many times we have all tried to quite something only to find we can not break the habits that bind us. Permanent change is usually very difficult or impossible to accomplish. Do you have something in your life you would like to change but cannot?

It is the sincere desire of this author to share his experience with as many as possible and enable them to overcome any problem in their lives. When we have undesirable problems in our lives, our peace and happiness disappear. We are all searching for peace and happiness. It is the author’s purpose to help you achieve your goals and desires.

Health & Well-Being
November 30