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This book teaches you how to find profitable and low-competition keywords and niches for your Amazon Kindle publishing business using mostly free tools. You can of course also use it for Amazon physical products.

Most people, especially new publisers, looking for something to write on, would start by searching the top 100 list of books on Amazon. Ditch that technique! If you don't have a single clue about Amazon niche/keyword research my book will help you. I have simplified the process completely without additional cost on you. I even offer after sales support to help you further in your researches.

Some people think niche and keyword researches are too complicated so they just go straight to Amazon and choose anything on the top 100. This is a wrong way of doing it! If 99% of the people who do product researches merely choose any niche on the top 100 then it'll be flooded with the same products in no time soon!

On the other hand SEO and Keyword research experts combine various research tools with the Amazon Keyword tool for finding profitable keywords.My book follows this approach with several examples and methods.

In the first half of the book, I teach you step by step, with pictures, how to find 10 profitable keywords in the internet marketing niche for you to pick and use right away.

In the second half, I teach you 4 easy ways to do niche researches from scratch if you have no business ideas at all or you don't know what topic to write about or what product to sell.

So if you are serious about the success of your Amazon publishing business, order this book right away and use it to move ahead of your competitiors!

Business & Personal Finance
November 11
A.J. Wright

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