Keeping the Funnel Full

The Definitive Authority on Solution Selling

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Publisher Description

in 2004, Don authored and self-published a book titled, 'Keeping the Funnel Full' based on his long and successful selling career. This book, a powerful selling tool, achieved Best Seller status in February, 2009.

About the Author
Don Thomson is one of the world's leading sales professionals with over 35 year's experience selling to major corporations and small businesses. As one of Hewlett Packard's top-ranked sales pros, Don trail blazed new markets in the
Pacific Northwest (awarded MVP for US Western Sales Region), Western Canada (twice awarded HP Canada's
Salesperson of the Year), and the Far East (doubled sales in nine countries in one year).Don's knowledge of the strategic selling process is unrivaled.

Keeping the Funnel Full was primarily derived from his experiences selling for the Hewlett Packard Company. He owes a great deal to the old Neely Sales Region of HP for setting him straight on how to hire, train and coach outstanding sales professionals. Many people have referred to the Neely Sales organization as one of the best sales rep organizations in America. Former President Bill Hewlett clearly thought so in the early 1960s as he bought it to serve as Hewlett Packard's Western Sales Region.

KEEPING THE FUNNEL FULL imparts Don’s proven methods for converting leads into customers. The book includes:
Finding and qualifying Prospects with ease
Obtaining the first meeting with a Senior Executive
Converting Prospects into Customers
Exceeding sales quotas
Designing and launching your FUNNEL
Fill your seminar rooms with potential prospects
And many more topics

KEEPING THE FUNNEL FULL details a wide range of time tested processes, tactics, and strategies that will enable any sales professional to obtain more meetings and close more business. Using real life experiences from his career, Thomson bridges the gap between the clinical, ‘how to’ and the ‘overly simplistic’ approaches to this topic. The Charlotte story is an example of a major victory thanks to some common sense and flexible action while being level locked throughout the campaign. The concept of empowering the screening source is vintage Thomson at his best – a chapter worth the price of the book and a process that Don developed uniquely and still practices to this day. Read the book, absorb the content, implement the concepts, make more sales and watch your FUNNEL grow.

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