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Interactive Spanish Lessons is the name of a series of EBooks/publications split into levels and units - Basic Level, Units 1 & 2 - being this first publication. 

This EBook teaches you through 39 dynamic and interactive presentations, exercises and quizzes, created by a certified teacher of Spanish with teaching experience in different companies, schools and universities; the recordings were created by native Spanish speakers. The exercises have been made with care, dedication, and have been tested with real students of Spanish, who basically started learning the language without any knowledge of it, and who were able to communicate in the target language. So, if you are a true beginner in Spanish, this is your option. 

Each unit works like an App and contains video and HTML widget presentations with contextualized vocabulary with the optional translate button, and exercises to practice the information. Some widgets may take a few seconds to load depending on your device, but it is worth the wait. 

There isn’t any monthly subscription, and the access to the information is not kept in any server, which basically means that, once you download the EBook, the information is kept in your device. 

You can also find the following topics:

Unit 1

01 - The Alphabet

02 - Spelling

03 - Classroom Objects

04 - What? /  Indefinite Articles

05 - Cardinal Numbers 0-9

06 - Personal Information

07 - Special Characters

08 - Sharing Your Email

Unit 2

09 - Where? / At Home 1 (Rooms)

10 - Colors

11 - Adjectives / At Home 2 (Furniture)

12 - At Home 3 (Objects)

13 - There Is-Are / How Many?

14 - Prepositions Of Place

And much more…

Feel free to download our sample version. Once you purchase it, you can send feedback and also let us know to be notified when new publications are available, using the Contact Form located at the end of the EBook. :-)

July 1
Gerardo Ramos