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"Yeah, I know Eastbourne," Hatch said, adjusting himself. "Great place for hiding bodies..."

London, 2017. The Western world is verging on bankruptcy. Half of all commercial buildings lie empty, petrol is virtually a black market commodity, and bad debtors go to prison, often via hospital. The prohibitive costs of prosecution and litigation mean that violence and corruption are rife, and crime is big business.

The changes are insidious, but unmistakable. Alcohol advertising has been outlawed, and don’t expect to touch spirits until you’re thirty. Supermarkets are multi-acre land-teeth too big to walk around that sell, literally, everything. Italy has been booted out of the G20. Burglars no longer creep – they loiter outside your house in gangs waiting for you to go to work.

In this slipstream of economic misery walks Jackson Towne, a disgraced, broke, movie-obsessed ex-cop in his own personal exile following the death of a colleague. He survives by exploiting his only skill – making friends with criminals – for not-quite-legal bob-a-job hustles brokered by his friend and mentor Dico Dixon.

When Dico offers Jackson an opportunity out of his hand-to-mouth existence, Jackson bites his hand off - until he learns that the job is a contract hit. Pulling the trigger might solve his immediate money worries, but it would also mean the door back to his old life slamming shut forever.

Jackson stumbles over his own morals when he pursues the target, Kim Layrona – a corporate whistleblower at mysterious multinational Medusa Chenaix – and he realises that for so many people to want her dead, she must be more important than even she knows.

When it becomes clear that there is far more going on behind the glass walls of Medusa Chenaix than just mergers and acquisitions, Jackson finds himself running for his life. As the secrets begin to unravel, Jackson thinks he might just be one step ahead, until a shadow emerges from the vaults of his past and threatens to destroy him once and for all…

"Tin Larrick is the most exciting thing to come out of Eastbourne since the 05:43 to Victoria..." Psychopaths' Weekly

“Having been one of the few to read the proof this book is going to be a winner, had a job to leave it and kept turning the pages........” JW, Discerning Reader

"Loved this book.... Jackson Towne is the Clarence Worley of the Home Counties." AB, Anglesey

Crime & Thrillers
November 13
Tin Larrick

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