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Lustful Confessions: Ten Erotic Confession Stories

In this collection from Erotica author Zoey Winters, Lustful Women express steamy situations from their own points of view!  From rough sex to passionate interludes, you’ll find out how they think when they’re right in the middle of sexy encounters.  Group sex, first lesbian sex…it’s even hotter when you’re in the mind of the girl involved! This 10 story collection is explicit and red-hot, so please…adults only!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit sexuality and includes Lesbian sex, MILF sex, Anal sex, gang bang sex, rough sex, double penetration, Bondage and more. Only mature adults should read this story.

The stories in the collection include: 

1. Licking the Librarian: First Time Lesbian Sex Story 

My college roommate is into girls. At first, I thought it was taboo, sickening even. That is, until I watched the videos on her computer then my curiosity kicked in. For an entire weekend, I couldn’t concentrate. I was obsessed with lesbians. I even masturbated at the school library. It was great, but I got caught. Ms. Hull, the librarian, had video evidence of my illicit act and confronted me about it. I was busted- and scared. Things didn’t quite turn out as I had expected when her office door closed behind us.

2. Banging the Girl Next Door: First time MILF threesome

The neighbor’s daughter was hot. I never realized it until she came home from college for the summer. When I saw her sunbathing with one of her friends out by our pool something snapped inside of me. I had to have her, even though I knew it was wrong. What would her parents say if they found out? What about my husband, Andrew? I didn’t care. I made my move and got caught by Andrew. But I always did have a fantasy of having a threesome with him and another woman. Now if I could only convince my husband.

3. Busting My Back Door: A Wife's first Rough Anal Sex Story

Sex with my husband had always been great, but recently it had become more routine than anything. I wanted to be more adventurous in bed and when Blake shied away from the idea, I turned to the one place everyone turned to: the internet. It was there that I discovered a whole new world of sex and I wanted to live in that world. I’m talking about anal sex. The only problem was, my husband wasn’t interested. That is, until I turned him into a cold, rough fucking machine. Was that enough to get him to finally bust my back door?

4. Banging the Gang: Hot Gang bang Sex with the Boss 

What started off as a joke with my boyfriend soon turned into a reality. I wondered if was payback for the way I flirted and teased with two of my employees that had crushes on me. I had never considered a gang bang before, but after a sexy moment with my stock boy, and some hot masturbation afterwards, I just had to try it. I wonder what they thought when their boss suddenly became their slut.

5. Screwing the Delivery Guy: A Housewife's Affair with a Younger Man

Life as a housewife was getting a little boring. My husband insisted that it was his responsibility to work and provide for me but when I couldn’t take it anymore, he agreed to let me start a home business. I did and couldn’t have been happier, that is until I met the young man that delivered my goods. I had never considered cheating on my husband, especially with a man so much younger than me, but there was something about him that stirred up adulterous thoughts. I was going to make sure that sooner than later, my delivery boy was going to deliver more than just parcels.

6. Sexual Frustration: A MILF's first Gang bang

Ever wake up so incredibly horny that you imagine you could cum just by thinking about it? That’s what happened to me one morning but there was one, disturbing problem: I couldn’t cum. As hard as I tried, I just couldn’t make myself orgasm. Being a woman, the frustration crushed my ego. How could I satisfy a man if I couldn’t even satisfy myself? I needed help, maybe even professional help, then one day I found it in the most unlikely of places.

My name is Pamela. I’m thirty-seven and a single mother. I had sex with my daughter’s best friend, Krystal. She’s nineteen and very naughty. That wasn’t the only hot, naughty thing we did either.

7. Simply Beautiful: A Housewife's first Lesbian Lover

My name is Angela and I love my husband very much. The problem is that I haven’t been feeling the same from him. We’ve been married for around 8 years, most of which were very wonderful but over the past few years he’s been neglecting me. I was lonely and bored, a dreadful combination when your husband insists on an old-fashioned marriage. I wanted to do something- and someone!

My life changed when my best friend invited me to a Simply Beautiful demonstration. It was there I met Lana, the Simply Beautiful area manager. Want to know what happened? All I can say is that it was very unexpected, but very, very sexy.

8. Submissive Desire: My first time with Bondage

My name is Melody and I'm a workaholic. I'm young and successful- but lonely. It seemed like every time I found a man, work called and got in the way. That is until one night. I decided to try online dating but found that even though the medium in which I met men had changed, the end result was the same: loneliness.

Then I found Derek, a man that seemed to deliver the kind of sin I was looking for. His specialty was bondage, hot, sexy bondage. That’s what I wanted but when I finally met Derek, I got more than I had bargained for. That more’s name was Ray. Let me tell you, what kind of naughty, sexy game Derek and Ray put me through and see how thankful I am.

9. Sweet Humiliation: Blackmailed into a Threesome

I’m Wendy, a very conservative twenty-eight year old, married housewife. I consider myself ultra conservative which tends to get me some ridicule from my friends, except my best friend Alyssa. She’s always doing something to try and drag me outside of my shell- always. The other day I had run into her at the grocery store and she tried her best to make me feel uncomfortable. I did a little, but I know she’s not trying to be mean about it.

We hadn’t seen each other in a while so she invited me to lunch. Oh, and what a lunch it was. Had I known what was going to happen I probably wouldn’t have gone and in hindsight I’m glad I did. I couldn’t believe what happened! 

10. Secret Craving: My first time with a Younger Man

Hi! My name is Maryann and you’ll never believe what I’ve done. I’m almost forty, married, and have a son just starting college. Apparently one of his friends, Derek, has had a secret crush on me for a long time. I didn’t know that until one morning I walked in on him masturbating in the shower. I thought it was my husband and I was so embarrassed that I locked myself in my bedroom. I started to fantasize about Derek a lot and when he told me he had been fantasizing about me in the shower that pushed me over the edge.

Lesbian sex, MILF sex, Anal sex, gang bang sex, rough sex, double penetration, Bondage

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